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I have been blessed with a great many experiences which I did not always consider blessings while I was going through them. I have suffered in this life but mostly it was the result of confusion and frustration. Much of it I created myself. I realize this life is very much about coming into mastery for my old tendencies will not be tolerated this time around as much as I tried to play those games and participate with the distortion. I say these things having caught glimpses of past lives through meditations, dreams, past life regression sessions, and correlated information from psychics along with deep inner knowing.

I have always been very confused and felt very lost in life until the last couple of years. I still don’t know exactly where I am going but I have learned to trust and be in the moment. In this space it all works out and I can remember who I truly am free from all the distortion.

I have overcome much in this life such as a very dark world view, addiction in numerous forms, harmful defense mechanisms, and much of my negative ego-I still have a long way to go. I have been forced to let go of these things for they only caused escalating pain and suffering the longer I held onto them.

I am blessed and at times feel cursed by a feeling of being an exposed nerve in the world. I feel things very intensely, especially the energy of environments. For a long time I just tried to ignore this and numb myself anyway possible but this sensitivity is an ability not a curse, something I am learning to control and use to help myself and others.

So who am I? Well to pull way back and look at that, I am a multidimensional being of energy, indestructible and capable of anything. I have direct knowing of this. I am a healer, a polarity integrator, a freer of souls, a grid worker, a rehabilitator of the fallen, a maji, a wanderer, a guardian and a warrior of peace. I have come to see these aspects of self from what I have experienced and from inner knowing by direct connection to God Source.

The mental part of self often questions these things but I am not just my mind. I prefer to listen to my heart, to “place the heart above the head” but I do realize the need for balance between the two and the necessity of pragmatic issues of life. I can ameliorate this conflict for my mind by telling it that these things I believe are empowering, that a belief system is needed so it is important to make it a good one that is flexible. I tell my mind there is no need to over identify with these labels and to let go of any need for these things to be proven empirically. Sometimes it works.

This blog is a big part of maintaining that balance by sharing what is in my heart. Hopefully, my sharing will also be helpful to others in their journey or at least be entertaining.

Much Love,