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I have been blessed with a great many experiences which I did not always consider blessings while I was going through them. I have suffered in this life but mostly it was the result of confusion and frustration. Much of it I created myself. I realize this life is very much about coming into mastery for my old tendencies will not be tolerated this time around as much as I tried to play those games and participate with the distortion. I say these things having caught glimpses of past lives through meditations, dreams, past life regression sessions, and correlated information from psychics along with deep inner knowing. Read More
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Favorite Quote

I am a multidimensional being of energy, indestructible and capable of anything. I have direct knowing of this. I am a healer, a polarity integrator, a freer of souls, a grid worker, a rehabilitator of the fallen, a maji, a wanderer, a guardian and a warrior of peace. I have come to see these aspects of self from what I have experienced and from inner knowing by direct connection to God Source.
Jason Donaldson


Energy Healing

Life Coach

Implant Removal

Past/Parallel Life

Polarity Integrator

I Assist You

I do not claim to be in total self-mastery, a guru, or any better than anyone else. We all have amazing abilities when we are present and connected to our higher self. My role is one of assisting others, many whom like me are very empathic and have strong sensitivities to subtle energy.

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Quantum Spiral Healing and Therapy

The term Quantum Spiral is used to describe the nature of this subtle energy work and its limitless potential to influence change at multiple levels of one’s being. This is a holistic approach to healing and personal empowerment towards greater sovereignty and freedom. Jason is both a therapist and an energy worker who has various talents in deeply connecting individuals to their innate gifts and abilities. Read More

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Joshua Burbank

“I have worked with Jason in group with MKP, (The ManKind Project), and have often been impressed by his grounded attention to what is happening in the moment on several levels, as well as his trust in going where his intuition may lead. I have also talked one introduction class where Jason shared some of his background Continue Reading

March 5, 2017

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